Cutters and Accessories

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A Quality range of accessories is available for use with the magnetic drilling machines including:-

Chucks, Countersinks, Tapping Attachments, Cutter Holders and Morse Taper Sleeves & Adaptors.

Oil Feed Systems are availiable to fit all the BDS machines and other makes of magnetic drills


New! New! New!

Quick Release Cutter Holders

This latest development in cutter holding technology allows the rapid fitting and removal of the cutter without the need for an alen key.

Available with a 2 morse and 3 morse taper.


Cutting Oils

A range of specially formulated oils and compounds for drilling, broaching and tapping, using the magnetic drilling machines.

Magoil NC: A neat broaching oil for use with the HSS cutters

Magoil A: A water soluble cutting oil for use with TCT & HSS cutters

BDS 5000: A high quality cutting spray

Safecut: An Environmentally friendly cutting and tapping spray

Magpaste: A high performance cutting and tapping compound.



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