Cutters and Accessories

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Pipe Clamp

The BDS pipe clamp is designed to allow the use of magnetic based drills on steel pipes. It's unique chain tensioning system provides a completely stable platform to which you can clamp your machine.

Model ZRO 250: Clamps to pipe up to 250mm in diameter.

Model ZRO 500: Clamps to pipe up to 500mm in diameter

Vacuum Clamp


This Amazing device allows the use of magnetic based drills on aluminium and stainless steel plate and pipework.


Model ZAV 300: 300mm diameter


Model ZAV 400: 260mm x 440mm


Model ZAV 500: for pipework

Power Worker

Designed for the easy collection and removal of swarf, the Power Worker has a powerful magnet which can be disengaged by pulling out the end handle.

Model: POW 100



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